The Public stand 大宮東口店

The Public stand Omiya


This bar is consisted of 3 floors; B1F, 1F, 2F. Each level is relatively small but since we have 3 separated floors, we could make 3 different concepts and customers can enjoy 3 different atmospheres. For the first floor, the concept is “a wish for everyone to meet new people here” and we designed “the bell of happiness” Lights. The bell lights are designed to change hourly. For the basement floor, we tried to use the original structure as much as we can. We planned the lighting to make the graffiti arts on exposed concrete wall stand out, and applied galvanize steel sheet onto the beam with ornamental screws. In the center of the floor, there is the symbol counter using the old billiards board. At last, the concept of the 2nd floor is “LOVE,” and we designed the heart shaped lighting.